Opening an account with a Canadian bank, and obtaining confirmation of the address and its features

For Ukrainians arriving in Canada, CIBC offers BANKING SERVICES FOR NEW COMERS
Get started banking in Canada and get set up with a bank account designed for newcomers faster:

Plus, get $400 when you open a CIBC Smart Account for Newcomers as your first CIBC checking account. That’s over $500 worth of value in the first year after opening your first checking account.


No monthly fee for 24 months

You need to go to your nearest CIBC branch and ask to open an account

(“I would like to open a checking account for Newcomers”)

You must have a passport with a visa, work permit or study permit

You will then be given an appointment

At the appointment you will be asked a few questions (address, phone number, and SIN) as if you don’t have a SIN, it is not mandatory. At the end of the appointment, ask for a VOID CHECK (this is a sheet with all your account details, and it will also confirm your address for issuing a SIN and HEALTH CARD (OHIP))

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