How to book a free flight to Canada

Ukrainians can fly to Canada twice a month for free.

In order for the foundation to provide the Ukraine2Canda Travel Fund, free flights are organized twice a month for Ukrainians from different European cities.

What you need to qualify for a free flight:

  • The final destination must be Canada.
  • You must have a valid CUAET visa.
  • Must be ready to fly to Canada within 60 days of registration.
  • Do not apply for free tickets from other organizations.

How to check in for a free flight to Canada?

You can register for a free flight to Canada on the foundation’s website. The next registration will open on October 31 at 17.00.

To enter Canada, each passenger must have valid travel documents, including passport business visa or electronic travel authorization (ETA) single-trip travel document if passport/visa is not available COVID-19 vaccination status. Holders of a Canada-Ukraine Emergency Travel Permit (CUAET) visa are exempt from Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination requirements, but must meet all other public health requirements for travel for children – written consent of the other parent with their contact information and a passport photo (notarization is not required)

Within a week after registration, registrants will be contacted to clarify flight details. If the application is approved, you should expect a response by September 5.

During registration, you can specify the desired city of departure and arrival and the best option will be selected for you. Departures take place from different cities in Europe, this is announced separately on the foundation’s website.


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