Canada-Ukraine Transitional Financial Assistance

The Government of Canada continues to support Ukrainians affected by the war. To help Ukrainians and their dependents arriving in Canada (as well as those who have already arrived) meet their basic needs, the Government has established the Canada-Ukraine Transition Assistance Program.

What is Canada-Ukraine Transition Assistance?

Canada-Ukraine Transitional Financial Assistance is a one-time financial payment to Ukrainians approved under the Canada-Ukraine Emergency Travel Permit (CUAET) program to help meet the basic needs of Ukrainians during their initial period of stay in Canada.

Who is eligible for Canada-Ukraine Transitional Financial Assistance?

Persons who have received a Canada-Ukraine Emergency Travel Permit (CUAET), arrived in Canada, and have a valid work permit, study permit, temporary residence permit, or visitor registration are eligible to apply for this assistance.

What is the amount of the lump sum payment?

Eligible applicants will receive a one-time direct payment in the form of a deposit to their Canadian bank account. Each adult (18 years of age or older at the time of application) will receive a payment of $3,000 Canadian dollars, and $1,500 Canadian dollars per child (17 years of age or younger at the time of application).

How to apply?

The application must be submitted online. Starting June 2, 2022, you can find out how to apply by visiting the transitional financial assistance website

How do I prepare to apply for payment?

To receive a payment, eligible applicants must open a bank account with a Canadian banking institution. It is important that the bank account is opened in the name indicated on the documents related to the right to temporary residence (work permit, study permit, temporary residence permit, or visitor registration).

Along with your personal information, you need to provide your:

  • unique client identifier (UCI) number.
  • number of the document on temporary resident status [IMM 1442].
  • Your IMM 1442 should contain a note that you are here under CUAET.

Where can I find my UCI and IMM 1442 numbers?

Check out the sample images below to find out where you can find these numbers on your:

For families, one parent can apply for the whole family. After opening a bank account and starting the application process, clients will be able to apply online.

Welcome to Canada!


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