Can I get the Canada child benefit?

Having a child in Canada does not make parents eligible for Canada Child Benefits, a federal government social assistance program.

Only if the parents reside in Canada for 18 months with the appropriate authorization (e.g. work permit) and then on the 19th month they will be able to apply for child benefits in Canada.

Canadian Child Benefit will be paid to foreign parents if they and their child are permanently residing in Canada and have Canadian ties.

For example, children go to kindergarten or school, parents rent an apartment, etc.

The Canada Revenue Agency has the authority to verify that parents and children are or have been living in Canada while receiving these social benefits, so you may be asked to provide proof, for example, that the child is enrolled in a Canadian school or daycare.

Here is an official source that contains the criteria for who can receive child benefits other than permanent residents and Canadian citizens

Good luck with your application!

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